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Counselling Services

Why Invest in Counselling?

Investing in counselling can create lasting effects in your life and relationships. There is a short-term commitment of your time and money. But, the long-term benefits of improving your relationships, health, career and self-improvement will remain with you. What else will you invest in that will enhance the quality of your life and the relational joy you experience? 

Merkl Marriage Counselling creates a safe counselling space where you can feel relaxed to use the new skills you are discovering. Merkl Marriage Counselling adjusts the treatment plan based on your unique needs as an individual or couple. You decide your success or failure based on your commitment to the process.

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Individual Counselling

50 Minute Sessions

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Couples Counselling

50 Minute Sessions

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Group Counselling

50 Minute Sessions

"I talk about the joy of a relational joy, which is the joy of being connected, being in the flow of relationality whether that's with a partner, with nature, with God, with yourself, with your kids - to be in a state of flow and connection. This is the only joy we humans feel." - Terry Real 

Please feel free to contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.

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Individual Counselling:

Both partners attending couples counselling can be beneficial, but individual counselling can make a significant difference in your relationship. It can inspire your partner to continue with couples counselling and give you the insight to heal your relationship or yourself. Remember, you have the power to choose what's best for you in the future, and one person can make a significant difference in their marriage or life.


At Merkl Marriage Counselling, we can help you explore the differences between masculine and feminine and how they affect the dynamics of your relationship. We'll work with you to develop strategies that can bring the natural balance and polarity back to your relationship or yourself. With our support and guidance, you can take the necessary steps to strengthen your relationship and find greater happiness and fulfillment in your life.


Types of Therapy:

- Jungian 

- Choice or Reality

- Attachment

- Cognitive Behavioural

- Narrative

- Mindfulness-Based

- Positive Psychology

- Rational Emotive Behaviour

- Gestalt

- Adlerian 

- Existential

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Couples Counselling:

Couples counselling can help inspire you and your partner to become a strong, united team. At Merkl Marriage Counselling, we specialize in Relational Life, Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused and Developmental Model Therapies to help you develop shared goals and values by working together. We understand that disconnection can cause immense pain for both partners, but our expert counsellors can help you connect on a deeper level with your partner.


By accessing your deeper emotions and needs, you can become more vulnerable with your partner, accept influence, and develop new ways of communicating. This can ultimately lead to stronger, more resilient relationships that can withstand the challenges of life. With our guidance and support, you and your partner can build a more fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.


Types of Relational Therapy:

- Gottman Method

- Relational Life

- Emotionally Focused 

- Developmental Model Couples or Couples Institute

- Non-Violent Communication


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Transform Your Relationships with Our Counselling Services:

Are you struggling with anger issues, blame, or criticism in your relationships?

Unlock the potential of your interactions at work, home, or within your organization with our Non-violent Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Team Building Skills.

Why Choose Us?

  • Resolve Conflicts Peacefully: Learn to handle disagreements with empathy and understanding.

  • Manage Anger Effectively: Discover strategies to control and express anger constructively.

  • Build Strong Relationships: Foster trust and improve communication within your team or family.

  • Boost Productivity: Enhance efficiency by reducing misunderstandings and errors.

  • Develop Leadership Skills: Equip yourself or your leaders with the emotional intelligence needed for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.


What We Offer:

  • Presentations: Engaging talks on Non-violent Communication and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Group Counseling: Supportive sessions for teams or families to improve dynamics.

  • Family Counseling: Strengthen family bonds and resolve conflicts in a safe space.


Benefits You’ll Experience:

  • Improved Morale: Create a positive and inclusive environment.

  • Enhanced Team Cohesion: Encourage seamless collaboration and shared goals.

  • Increased Retention: Foster strong relationships to keep team members committed and motivated.

  • Financial Gains: See the impact of effective communication on productivity and profitability.


Start Your Journey Today:

Experience the transformative power of effective communication and emotional intelligence. Invest in your personal and professional relationships for a thriving future.

Contact us for pricing and to schedule your session.

Transform your relationships and achieve sustainable success with our expert guidance!

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Discover the Transformative Power of
Two-day Intensive Couples Therapy:

Invest in Your Relationship

Our two-day intensive marriage counselling sessions are priced at:


$3000 Online

$4000 In-Person

We believe your relationship is an investment in your future happiness and fulfillment as a couple. We are committed to supporting you on your path to a thriving and fulfilling marriage.

At Merkl Marriage Counselling, we understand that some couples need dedicated time to deeply address their relationship issues. Our two-day intensive sessions offer a comprehensive and immersive approach to healing and growth.


Why Choose Our Two-Day Intensive Therapy?

Heal and Rebuild After Infidelity or Other Challenges

Whether you're recovering from an affair or facing significant relationship challenges, our intensive sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to explore the root causes of your struggles and develop strategies for rebuilding trust and connection.

What’s Included in Our Two-Day Sessions?

  • Gottman Method Resources: Use renowned Gottman questionnaires and resources to gain insights into your relationship dynamics and identify areas needing attention.

  • Emotionally Focused Resources: Enhance emotional intimacy, develop healthy communication skills, and promote secure attachment within your marriage.

  • Relational Life Resources: Foster authentic connections, address power struggles, and cultivate healthier dynamics with techniques from Relational Life Therapy.

  • Individual Sessions: Each partner will have dedicated individual sessions to explore personal experiences, concerns, and goals within the relationship context.

  • Feedback & Goal Setting: Receive comprehensive feedback based on assessments and individual sessions. Collaboratively set meaningful goals for your relationship’s journey ahead.

  • 12 Hours of Intensive Therapy: Benefit from extended therapy sessions allowing ample time for exploration, processing, and growth, facilitating breakthroughs and lasting change.

  • Take-Home Tools & Support Materials: Receive practical tools, exercises, and resources to support your ongoing growth and remind you of your progress.

  • Skilled Therapist: Work with an experienced and empathetic therapist in a nurturing, non-judgmental space for your healing journey.


Why It’s Worth the Investment:

Investing in your relationship is investing in your future happiness and fulfillment as a couple. Our intensive sessions are designed to provide the time and space needed for meaningful and lasting change.

Book Your Session Today:

Unlock the potential of your relationship with our expert guidance. Transform your marriage with our intensive two-day therapy.

Contact us to book now and start your journey toward a thriving and fulfilling marriage

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