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MY MISSION: A Registered Therapeutic Counsellor Candidate
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Hello, my name is Simone Merkl.

My mission is to inspire a deeper appreciation, connection and intimacy in your relationship. I am passionate about discussing the most effective researched-based therapies available. It is important to understand many counsellors say they provide couples counselling, only a small percentage of them have the specific training needed to help heal relationship issues.  

I recommend the Gottman Method Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy. Since nearly half of all marriages fail within the first seven years, pre-marriage counselling should be considered mandatory for today's couples (Gottman, J.M. 1994). I orchestrate my approach based on your own needs as a couple or individual, but you choose your path.

I offer individual and couple counselling. I focus on intimacy concerns, conflict resolution, anger management, and differences in worldviews. I can help guide your journey into navigating peaceful resolutions in your relationships.

Currently, with social distancing, I offer easy to use secure online video, phone, or in-person sessions with clients. 


The Science of Love: Gottman

Why should we work on our relationships?

1. Greater Health
2. Greater Wealth
3. Greater Resilience
4. Greater Longevity
5. More Successful Children
6. Faster Recovery from Illness

Counselling Services:

Depression / Anxiety / Stress
Emotional or Physical Affair 
Marriage & Premarriage
Anger Management
Intimacy Concerns





I work with individuals who want to improve themselves or their relationships. Are you experiencing stress or confusion because of your relationships? Or, maybe you are suffering from anger, shame, depression, anxiety, or a life transition. 


It is fulfilling when a client finds clarity in their circumstances and realizes their potential. True empowerment comes when one understands the need to make our own choices and have our boundaries.


I create a safe, comfortable, and empathetic counselling environment. I believe in being authentic and open in my approach. I work with couples who need help in marriage, pre-marriage, intimacy, emotionally or physically unfaithful, distressed couples, same-sex couples, or couples in need of a marriage tune-up.


It is so rewarding to witness partners deepening their intimacy, connection, and communication with one another.


I will offer marriage and pre-marriage group sessions when the restrictions allow for a larger group setting.

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For any questions you have, you can reach me here or for a free 20-minute consultation:

Simone Merkl


604 374-4858

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