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You deserve more love and connection with yourself and your partner

Hello, I'm Simone

At Merkl Marriage Counselling, our mission is to ignite a global movement rooted in the scientific and spiritual principles of relationships, empowering you to transform emotional wounds into opportunities for growth. In a world often characterized by defensive reactions, we are dedicated to fostering the transformative power of love, empathy, and understanding in your relational journey. Specializing in guiding individuals, couples, and groups, through the complex terrain of human connection, we strive to catalyze profound shifts by actively collaborating with you. We relate to the challenges and emotional toll that relationships can impose, and our goal is to simplify and ease this process for you. We provide tailored tools, questionnaires, and resources to foster safety, healing, connection, communication, and trust. Whether you're grappling with feelings of loneliness, anger, or hopelessness or seeking to deepen intimacy, Merkl Marriage Counselling is honoured to support and guide you every step of the way.

Why Choose Merkl Marriage Counselling?

Trust is the cornerstone of effective therapy, and at Merkl Marriage Counselling, we build that trust through:

  • Expertise: Our team is trained in a diversity of proven relationship therapies, including the Gottman Method Therapy (GMT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Relational Life Therapy (RLT), the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (DMCT), and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). This diverse skill set ensures personalized and effective care.

  • Results: Our approach has helped numerous couples strengthen their connections, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. Testimonials from our clients highlight the transformative impact of our services.

  • Holistic Care: We tailor our methods to your unique needs, fostering safety, healing, connection, communication, and trust.

  • Compassion and Empathy: We understand the emotional toll that relationship challenges can impose and are committed to supporting you with compassion and understanding.

  • Tailored Resources: We provide tools, questionnaires, and resources designed to meet your specific needs and facilitate growth and healing.

By choosing Merkl Marriage Counselling, you are opting for a trusted partner dedicated to helping you achieve the relationship you want.

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Picture of Simone Merkl, Founder of Merkl Marraige Counselling

Simone Merkl

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Client Testimonials

"Hey Simone, My husband and I wanted to thank you for contributing in such a great way to our marriage relationship over the last five months or so. When I contacted you in November of last year I was really struggling to find a way to improve our relationship and you really helped me to focus on myself and my feminine energy and to have a different perspective of my spouse."

"We both have benefited from all the resources that you have given us which have helped us immensely to communicate our feelings, challenges and aspirations within our marriage. We feel we have lots to keep us busy.


We are thankful to know that you are always there as an ongoing resource should we ever need a refresher or have further challenges. We also want you to know that we would not hesitate to recommend you to others.


Thanks again Simone and all the very best wishes to you and your family."

Areas of Expertise

Merkl Marriage Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Distanced Couple talking to a counsellor

Do you keep having the same argument? Or, do you struggle with intimacy? Step into a supportive haven at Merkl Marriage Counselling, where we are devoted to cultivating strong relationships and guiding you and your partner to a more promising future. We understand the challenges you may be facing, and we are here to show you our relationship therapy holds the promise of transformation and renewal. When you both transition from self-preservation to bravery or vulnerability, repair can happen. The fallout from self-protection—manifesting as pain, conflicts, fading intimacy, and a sense of being unloved—can be replaced by shared moments of joy, rekindled passion, profound intimacy, personal growth, and the ability to resolve conflicts. Not only can couples benefit from relationship counselling any relationship can benefit. Types of Relationship Therapy: -Gottman Method -Relational Life -Emotionally Focused -Developmental Model or Couples Institute -Non-Violent Communication

Women's Issues or Feminine Presenting Counselling

A couple in a warm embrace on a rock island, surrounded by water on a beach.

Do you feel abandoned or blamed by your partner? Do you struggle to be heard, seen or validated? At Merkl Marriage Counselling, we tailor our approach to your needs and concerns. Relationship dynamics can influence the delicate balance of your feminine and masculine energies, attachment style, childhood experiences, beliefs, unmet needs, resentments and expectations. These shifts might inadvertently guide you towards embracing protective masculine side rather than staying aligned with your authentic feminine essence. We understand these changes can bring about significant consequences—unveiling themselves as stress, confusion, health worries, and even moments of panic. We're fully attuned to the significance of regaining or preserving this equilibrium. Our purpose is to create a haven for your journey of self-discovery and empowerment, to help you recognize the profound influence of your choices in creating the future you desire. We are here to foster an environment where you can explore your unique concerns, aiming toward holistic solutions and personal development. Some other topics may include Expression, Self-Esteem, Body Image, Health, Relationships, Intimacy, Work-Life Balance, Trauma, Abuse, Parenting, Caregiving, Mental Health, Empowerment, Identity, Career Advancement, Lifestyle Choices, as well as Cultural and Societal Pressures. Types of Therapy: -Jungian -Choice/Reality -Narrative -Cognitive Behavioral -Gestalt -Positive Psychology -Adlerian -Existential -Mindfulness Based

Men's Issues or Masculine Presenting Counselling

Man looking out the window onn the Train

Do you feel blamed or abandoned by your partner? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your partner's expectations? Welcome to Merkl Marriage Counselling, where we dive into how personal growth intersects with romantic relationships. In this journey, you can discover the power of embracing and understanding how to embody a strong masculine presence. As you explore the realm of male archetypes, you can find the transformative potential within you. Through the wisdom shared by Terry Real, John Gottman, Peter Pearson and many others, you can embrace the significance of being present for yourself and the people in your life. By acknowledging your needs and feelings, you can build a foundation of authenticity, foster deeper connections and thrive on mutual understanding, vulnerability, and genuine partnership. Other masculine concerns: Communication Styles, Emotional Expression, Work-Life Balance, Role Expectations, Intimacy, Vulnerability, Parenting, Fatherhood, Self-Care, Well-Being, Health, Self-Discovery, Anger Management, Trauma, Healing, Autonomy, Dependency, Social Expectations, Peer Pressure, and Coping with Change. Types of Therapy: -Jungian -Choice/Reality -Narrative -Cognitive Behavioral -Gestalt -Positive Psychology -Adlerian -Existential -Mindfulness Based

Divorce, Separation or Disconcernment Counselling

Family Dispute between the mother and father

Embarking on the path of separation, divorce, or dis-concernment can be a challenging journey, impacting not only your own life but also the lives of your children, friends, and family. We understand navigating this transition can be emotionally overwhelming, and seeking counselling support becomes crucial. By addressing conflict resolution, anger, and lingering resentment, you can choose to shape a healthier future for yourself and those around you. Through this process, you'll gain the tools to communicate more effectively, manage your emotions constructively, and minimize the negative impact on your well-being and relationships. Guiding you through this period of transformation, We are committed to helping you find clarity, healing, finding a path toward a more harmonious and fulfilling life moving forward. Other concerns: Effective Communication, Co-Parenting Strategies, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Healing, Coping Strategies, Anger, Resentment, Parent-Child Relationships, Self-Care, Well-being, Coping with Change, Re-Discovering Identity, Grief or Loss, and Building a New Future. Types of Therapy: -Non-Violent Communication -Choice/Reality -Narrative -Cognitive Behavioral -Gestalt -Positive Psychology -Adlerian -Existential -Mindfulness Based

Pre-Marriage Counselling

a couple hugging each other tightly

​Merkl Marriage wants to congratulate you on taking the first step toward a successful and fulfilling marriage! Our pre-marriage counselling content is designed to provide you with the essential tools and insights you need to embark on your marital journey with confidence and understanding. Our sessions cover various topics, including effective communication, conflict resolution, financial planning, and shared goals. By investing in pre-marriage counselling, you invest in the strong foundation your marriage deserves, inspiring a lifetime of love, trust, and mutual support. Let us guide you on this transformative journey toward a happier and more harmonious union. Together, we'll build a love that lasts a lifetime.

Smiling Couple

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"I highly recommend Simone as a marriage counsellor. Her passion and knowledge inspire others to make a difference in their lives and relationships. She is the first person I turn to for insight when struggling with a couple"Vikram Saggu Counsellor, RTC, BA
Langley Counsellor Smiling
Pamela Balint
"Simone's commitment to employing leading-edge therapies ensures you get the best opportunity to strengthen your relationship. With her well-rounded approach to care, I trust you are in good hands to lead you to the successful relationship you desire."
"Simone is incredibly passionate about working with couples. I have referred several clients to her and have heard positive reviews. She will tailor therapy to your relationship needs" - Edric Parasad Counsellor, MA, RCC
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