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Merkl Marriage Counselling specializes iMarriage Counselling, Individual Counselling Couples Counselling, and Online Counsellin

Serving Langley, The Fraser Valley, Online, and Beyond

Benefits of Marriage Counselling 

Greater Health
Greater Wealth

Greater Resilience
Greater Longevity

More Successful Children
Faster Recovery From Illness - (Gottman)

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Merkl Marriage Counselling in Langley specializes in relationship challenges. Many counsellors say they provide couple counselling, only a small percentage of them have the tools and training needed to  heal relationship issues. Merkl Marriage Counselling offers individual, couples, and group counselling services to help clients navigate stress, depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship challenges, and find empowerment through a safe and supportive environment.


If you're looking for individual counselling in Langley or online, Merkl Marriage Counselling can provide you with the support you need. Our experienced counsellor is dedicated to helping you manage stress, confusion, and difficult emotions such as anger, shame, depression, and anxiety. We understand that life transitions can be challenging, but with our guidance, you can find clarity and empowerment. We'll work with you to identify your unique strengths and needs, and develop healthy coping strategies and boundaries to help you move forward.


At Merkl Marriage Counselling in Langley, we're committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and empathetic environment for couples seeking help. Our authentic and open approach to counselling has helped couples in all stages of their relationship, whether it's pre-marriage, marriage, or those in need of a tune-up. We understand the unique challenges faced by same-sex couples, distressed couples, and those dealing with emotional or physical infidelity. Our experienced counsellor can help you and your partner deepen your intimacy, connection, and communication with one another, leading to a more fulfilling relationship.


At Merkl Marriage Counselling in Langley, we also offer group counselling services. Group counselling can be an effective way to receive support and guidance from others who are going through similar experiences. Our experienced counsellor can facilitate a safe and supportive environment for groups dealing with issues such as grief, addiction, anxiety, and depression. We believe in the power of community and the benefits of sharing experiences with others. Our group counselling sessions can help you find comfort, healing, and a sense of belonging.

"I highly recommend Simone as a marriage counsellor. Her passion and knowledge inspire others to make a difference in their lives and relationships. She is the first person I turn to for insight when struggling with a couple"Vikram Saggu Counsellor, RTC, BA

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"Simone is incredibly passionate about working with couples. I have referred several clients to her and have heard positive reviews. She will tailor therapy to your relationship needs" - Edric Parasad Counsellor, MA, RCC

Merkl Marriage Counselling

Simone Merkl

Simone at Merkl Marriage Counselling in Langley provides effective and professional relationship counselling to help clients overcome challenges and improve their relationships. With expertise in Relational Life, Gottman Method, and Emotionally Focused Therapy, Simone offers a variety of tools and resources to promote safety, healing, connection, communication, trust, intimacy, and empathy between partners. Whether you're experiencing feelings of loneliness, anger, or disconnection or looking to enhance your sex life and intimacy, Simone can help. With her extensive training and experience in relationship counselling, she has the necessary skills to help you navigate difficult conversations, build deeper connections with your partner, and find the love and respect you deserve.



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