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My husband and I have been married for 28 years, together for 34 years. I was motivated to start Merkl Marriage Counselling through some struggles my husband and I experienced in our marriage. I thought my husband and I had a happy marriage. But, I discovered a pattern of unhealthy communication which eventually escalated and became a challenge for us. I sought couples counselling throughout our relationship, but I was not impressed with what was available to us. I felt there must be a better alternative. So, I went on a mission to find something that worked for us. I found what I was looking for in the Gottman Method of Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy and Relational Life Therapy.


When my husband and I were going through difficulties, I learned about unhealthy patterns in our family structures. Some of the obstacles we faced were unproductive communication and coping mechanisms. But, my husband and our family grew stronger and closer through overcoming our unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Now, I feel a deep desire to empower others to heal themselves, their relationships, and their families.


I have always been interested in personal development, leadership skills, and relationship issues. But, I felt compelled to help others on a deeper level through learning more about psychology.

Therapy Qualifications

* Emotional Focused Therapy Masterclass: Advanced Issues in Couples Counselling

* Stenberg College Counselling Therapist Program

* Anger Management & Controlling Relationships

* Gottman Method Level 1 & Level 2

* Relational Life Therapy Level 1

* DSM-5/ICD-10 Certification

* Nonviolent Communication


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